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To Learn More... For a bibliography of books about Paul Revere's life and times click here. The bibliography includes books for young readers, high school students and adults
The following books (featured in our gift shop under "Our own Publications" or "Books for Adults") will answer most of your questions about Paul Revere:
What Was the Name of Paul Revere's Horse? Twenty Questions About Paul Revere - Asked and Answered, by Patrick Leehey, 1997

Paul Revere -- Artisan, Businessman and Patriot: The Man Behind the Myth, 1988 (collected essays on Revere's life, silver business, copper mill and Masonic connections)

Paul Revere and the World He Lived In, by Esther Forbes, classic 1942 biography of Paul Revere

The Newest Biography of Paul Revere

A True Republican: The Life of Paul Revere by Jayne E. Triber, new biography of the patriot, 1998.
For a complete description click here.

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To learn more about Paul Revere and the American Revolution, look for the books listed below (under Other Resources) at your local library. Many of these books can also be purchased from us.

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