The Paul Revere House  

An Interview with Actor David Connor who Portrays Paul Revere at the Revere House

How did you become interested in developing the character of Paul Revere?
Because of a physical resemblance to Paul Revere, A&E hired me to play Revere in a television program. As I performed scenes in the Paul Revere House, I began kidding around with museum visitors. The director of the Revere House saw me pretending to be Revere and invited me to develop the role.

What is the hardest part of your job?
Remembering the names and birth order of Revere's sixteen children!

What do you enjoy most about being Paul Revere?
Meeting visitors from all over the world and telling true stories about Revere (which are often a little different from what people have read in history books!)

What advice do you have for kids who are developing a historical character?
Find a character to whom you feel personal ties and with whom you have a physical resemblance.

David Connor presents "A Visit with Paul Revere" during April school vacations and on Thursday afternoons in summer and fall. The program is free with admission to the museum: children ages 5-17 $1, adults $2.50. For specific dates and times see the Events link on this website.

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