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Beyond direct contributions and membership, there are other ways you can help the Association achieve its mission and ensure its long-term health. Amongst the options available to potential donors are gifts of objects for the collection, gifts of property or securities, bequests and pro bono professional services.

Gifts to the Collection

The Association regularly accepts gifts of Revere-related artifacts, manuscripts and art that advance our mission and our collecting priorities. If you have an item that you are considering donating please contact: Edith Steblecki, Curator. She will be able to help assess whether or nor the item would be an appropriate addition.

Amongst the many gifts the Association has received over the years some of our favorites include colorful postcard images of the "midnight ride," Revere silver such as this ca 1755-65 creamer made for the Saltonstall family, the keys to the Revere Copper Company office in Boston and this wonderful sewing table with a history of ownership by Rachel Revere.


Several years ago, we received a letter indicating that the Association had been named as a beneficiary in the will of Paul Revere Everitt. As a result of this wonderful, totally unexpected, unrestricted gift, we were able to add just over $62,000 to our endowment. A bequest is a simple way to make a contribution that will have lasting impact. For large bequests ($100,000 and up), the Association will consider a range of recognition options including named funds, memorial plaques and other naming opportunities thus creating a permanent legacy for the donor.

Gifts of Securities or Property

Appreciated securities, whether designated for the endowment, operating expenses or special projects, can be transferred directly to the Association and provide immediate benefits. Property or artifacts that are not suitable for our collection or use can also be donated with the understanding that they will be sold and the proceeds will be used to benefit the Association.

All donors should seek appropriate legal and financial advice before making a major gift. The tax deductibility of all donations is subject to applicable state and federal law.

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