Spring 2017 Events at the Paul Revere House

Our April Vacation events invite you and your family to put yourselves in the shoes of Paul Revere, his wife, Rachel, their family and friends during the start of the American Revolution. What would you write to loved ones during times of extreme turmoil and stress? Would you be practical or romantic? Maybe both! In May we hope you will visit on Saturdays to discover some of the unique charms of life in Colonial Boston.

Unless otherwise noted, events are free with museum admission: adults $5.00, seniors and college students $4.50, children ages 5–17 $1.00. Members and North End residents admitted free at all times. Through April 14 the Revere House is open 9:30–4:15. Beginning April 15, the site is open daily 9:30-5:15. Closed on Mondays in January, February, and March.

Spring School Vacation Programs

Rachel Revere: A Revolutionary Woman Saturday, April 15; 1:00, 1:45, 2:30
Who held the Revere family together after Paul set off on his Midnight Ride? Joan Gatturna takes on the role of Paul Revere’s second wife. Enjoy her dramatic account of a woman’s struggle to hold home and family together in a time of war, blockades, and shortages.

“Your Own, Paul Revere” Tuesday, April 18 & Wednesday, April 19; 1:00-3:00
In honor of National Letter Writing Month, our Educators will highlight some of the many missives that have traveled to and from the Revere House over its long history. Stop by our drop-in station to see copies of letters written by the Reveres and their friends. Check out examples of vintage postcards sent by tourists in the 19th and 20th centuries; some postcards in our collection feature the Revere House, others showcase our North End neighborhood. Practice your quill pen writing skills and make a postcard of your own to send from the Revere House!

This program is included with admission to the house and reservations are NOT required

Midnight Ride Storytelling Program Thursday, April 20; 10:30–12:00
Find out what really happened on Paul Revere’s ride! Separate the facts from the myths, then retrace Revere’s route from his home to the banks of the Charles River. Participants don hats and carry props as they go, taking on the roles of Paul and Rachel Revere, their children, British soldiers, rowers, John Hancock and Samuel Adams. Particularly appropriate for kids in grades K-4. Reservations are required and may be made by calling 617-523-2338. $6.00 for each adult and child age 5 and up.

A Visit with Paul Revere Friday, April 21; 1:00-3:00
David Connor brings Boston’s favorite patriot vividly to life. Ask him about the details of his midnight ride, inquire about his 16 children, or engage him in conversation about his activities as a member of the Sons of Liberty.                                                      

Patriot Fife and Drum Saturday, April 22; 1:00-3:00
Enjoy a lively concert of music that accompanied colonists as they marched, danced, wooed their beloveds, and waged war. David Vose and Sue Walko provide fascinating insight into each selection they perform.



Gilding Demonstration Saturday, May 6; 1:00-3:00
Watch professional gilder, Nancy Dick Atkinson, apply gossamer thin sheets of gold leaf to wooden ornaments just as craftsmen did in Revere’s era.

Glass Harmonica Concert Saturday, May 13; 1:00-3:00
Vera Meyer plays early American melodies on the intriguing instrument that Ben Franklin invented. The ethereal, haunting tones Meyer creates will mesmerize all who listen!

Colonial Dance Tunes and Love Songs Saturday, May 20; 1:00-3:00
In the guise of itinerant musicians, Al Petty & Deirdre Sweeney perform popular 18th-century tunes such as “Mr. Isaac’s Maggot” and “Jack’s Health” on the penny whistle, flute, fife, & other instruments.

A Loyalist Perspective on the Revolution Saturday, May 27; 1:00, 1:45, 2:30
Hear a first-hand account of the abuses loyalists suffered at the hands of emboldened “patriots.” Michael Lepage takes on the role of Chief Justice Peter Oliver, brother of Andrew Oliver, a stamp collector.


THE REVERE HOUSE AT A GLANCE:  On the Freedom Trail in Boston’s historic North End, the Revere House was home to patriot and silversmith Paul Revere from 1770 to 1800. Built around 1680, the Revere House is the oldest building in downtown Boston. Visit www.paulreverehouse.org for more information.

MUSEUM HOURS: Through April 14, the Revere House is open 9:30–4:15. From April 15 through October 31, the house is open daily 9:30–5:15. Closed on Mondays, January–March.