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Thanks to you, the popularity of our site has grown dramatically. We are reaching teachers, school children, families planning vacations and even people who can trace their family back to Paul Revere. Many of you have taken the time to write us with positive feedback, comments and questions. We appreciate your interest and hope you will visit often to see what's new.

We've heard from places around the globe including Abyhoj, Denmark; Kalmar, Sweden; Auckland, New Zealand; Melbourne, Australia; Santa Catarina, Brazil; Quito, Ecuador; Santiago, Chile; Guangzhou, China; Berchem, Belgium; Glasgow, Scotland; Terjarv, Finland; Hessen, Germany; Down, Northern Ireland and London, England. A bit closer to home, we've received email from individuals in nearly all of the 50 states! Listed below are a few of the comments that visitors to our website have submitted.

Thank you for writing. We look forward to your continued feedback.

Nina Zannieri
Paul Revere Memorial Association

I found this site to be extremely informative. It is very user-friendly and enjoyable to browse through. I hope to visit the Paul Revere House with my 4-year-old son this summer. This site is the reason I am going! Thank you!

Braintree, Massachusetts

I am a teacher in the 5th grade and also have a son in the fifth grade. My husband has been to your house. It's so great to be able to access it on-line. Thank you. Rebeka
Kailua, Hawaii

My husband and I enjoyed our visit to the Paul Revere House. It was amazing how much history is packed in every corner. People led such simple lives compared to our hectic busy schedules of today. Thanks for the look back into history.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

It's been difficult finding information about Paul Revere and this site has been a godsend. The children have been very interested by the poem and have definitely come down on the side of the New Englanders rather than the red-coats!

Glasgow, Scotland

I came to this web site because I am doing a report on where I would go if I were to plan a trip to Boston. Since the report is for social studies, I thought it would be a good idea to include some history with it. I found the web site very informative, thank you.

Penryn, California
Grade 11

This web site is great. Whit this history material, we can told to our student the history of this great man. Thanks.

Santa Catarina, Brazil
College History Professor

We are planning a trip to visit your country during the summer break. I have been researching points of interest, so we can plan an itinerary and make the most of our holiday.

Ontario, Canada

This web site is great! It is very informative. I am going to Boston to visit the Paul Revere House at the end of April. I was just trying to get an idea of what it was all about!

Philipsburg, Pennsylvania
Grade 11

I have a friend that lives in England and is interested in reading about the Paul Revere House. Could you please send me some reading material that I could mail her? Thanks

Racine, West Virginia

This is a beautyful WEB site. Thank you for being here.

Clear Lake, Minnesota
Grade 4

I would like to obtain a catalogue of your books and info. for teachers. My team is planning to do an extensive unit on Paul Revere next school year. I wish we lived in Boston so we could experience Paul Revere first hand!

The Woodlands, Texas
Second Grade Teacher

Going to see the place tomorrow. Now it is worth the trip..!! :)

Palmyra, New Jersey

I think this web site is cool!

Framingham, Massachusetts
Grade 4

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