The Midnight Ride in Revere’s Own Words

Paul Revere provided three accounts of his ride on April 18th 1775. His first two accounts, a draft and a corrected copy of a deposition, both dated 1775, were made at the request of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress. These depositions, taken from all eyewitnesses to the skirmish on Lexington Green, were compiled in the hopes of obtaining proof that the British had fired the first shot.

Though written 23 years after the fact, the most complete account of the ride is Paul Revere’s letter to Jeremy Belknap, Corresponding Secretary of the Massachusetts Historical Society, dated 1798.

View the actual letter and a transcription.

The link to the Belknap letter is provided courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

The Society owns the largest collection of Revere manuscripts, most held as the Revere Family Papers.

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