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“I called upon a friend, and desired him to make the signals. I then went…to the North part of town, where I had kept a boat; two friends rowed me across the Charles River…I set off upon a very good horse…” Paul Revere, April 18, 1775

On the night of his famous midnight ride, Paul Revere called upon several reliable friends to help him. Today we still need friends to help ensure the long-term preservation of our landmark properties, to support vibrant programming, to underwrite free and low cost youth programs for thousands of local children, to augment our low admissions charges, and to allow us to continue to be a national resource on the life and time of Paul Revere. You can be part of this proud tradition.

Since opening as a museum in 1908, the Paul Revere House has welcomed over 13 million visitors. The Paul Revere House, the 11th most visited historic home in the nation and the 6th busiest museum in Boston, serves almost 300,000 visitors annually including 18,000 school children along with an additional 25,000 through a range of outreach programs. The site welcomes visitors from “up the street,” across the country, and around the world. The Paul Revere House is one of a handful of historic homes that stands out as a landmark in the minds of all Americans.

Today, the historic complex chronicles everyday life and change in our neighborhood, Boston’s North End, from the 17th through the 20th century. More than just a historic site, we have a proud tradition of research, scholarship, and vibrant educational programming. Our historic properties provide doorways to the past for children, teens, and adults. A wide variety of educational programs are offered that acquaint audiences of all ages with Boston’s long and colorful history.

As a private, non-profit institution, we depend on outside support to accomplish our goals. Whether through:

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