What to Know

Before You Book:

We now take group reservations requests via Explorable Places.  To make your reservation process quick and seamless, please consider the following questions before you place your request:

  • Which program would you like to book?
  • What is your preferred date? (Please have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice available whenever possible.)
  • What is your preferred time? (Please have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice available whenever possible.)
  • How many adults?
  • How many children aged 5-17 years old?
  • How many seniors or college students?
  • Who is the best contact person for this reservation? We will ask for their name, phone number, mailing and email addresses. Please note you can have more than one contact person, and we request that at least one be a teacher if you are calling on behalf of a school.

Thank you! Please call 617-523-2338 and ask to speak with the Education Department if you have questions!

What to Know Before You Arrive:

Your experience at the Paul Revere House will go smoothly and efficiently if you follow our guidelines. If you have questions or concerns about these, please contact Emily, Mandy, or Rachel in the Education Department at education@paulreverehouse.org, or by phone at 617-523-2338. Thank you!

For All Groups


Masks are strongly encouraged inside our buildings for all groups.

Confirmation Form

Are the date and time correct on your confirmation form? If something isn’t right, please let us know right away.

Background Materials

Did you receive all requested material? Reading through the background materials and doing the pre-visit activities will help prepare your students for their program, and will result in a richer educational experience.


Payment is due when you arrive. The Revere House accepts only cash or checks made payable to the Paul Revere House or the Paul Revere Memorial Association. NOTE: Avoiding credit card processing fees helps us keep our prices low. If your group does not have the funds to pay upon arrival, when we bill you, we will charge you a $15 transaction fee and you will lose the group discount. You are welcome to pay in advance, however, if your group cancels, we will not issue a refund.


The museum has limited restroom facilities for groups. There are two accessible, family-style restrooms in the public areas of the Visitor Center. To avoid long waits, groups should take advantage of larger public facilities at the National Park Visitor Center in Faneuil Hall. If you must plan a break at our site you should budget additional time at the end of your program.

Photographs, Food, and Gum

Visitors are welcome to take as many photographs as they like outside of the Revere House. No photography or video of any kind is permitted inside. Food, drinks, and gum are not allowed in the museum.

Other Visitors

While your group is on the site, other visitors will also be touring the museum. Let your students know this in advance and remind them to be courteous and stand so other visitors can pass by.


The best spots for a picnic lunch are Christopher Columbus Park on the waterfront or the Paul Revere Mall, halfway between the Revere House and Old North Church. This brick plaza features the Paul Revere statue and benches around the periphery. If you prefer to buy lunch, consider going to Quincy Market – vendors in the central hall offer a wide variety of inexpensive and gourmet fast foods.

Getting to the North End

By bus: Your confirmation should also include a map which indicates the most convenient bus drop-off points.

Buses are not allowed in the North End due to the narrow and congested roads and may be subject to fines.

Ask your driver to let you off on Atlantic Avenue where it meets Commercial Street at the foot of Fleet Street. Walk up Fleet Street two blocks to Moon Street. Go left. In one and a half blocks, you will see the Revere House on the right.

By subway: The Revere House is within walking distance of Haymarket on the Green and Orange lines, Government Center on the Green and Blue lines, and Aquarium on the Blue line.

For Groups Doing a Site Visit


Please arrive on time. If you are going to be late, call and find out if we can fit you in later in the day. Your visit to the Revere House will last 30-45 minutes depending on the size of the group.


A member of the museum staff will greet you upon arrival and give a brief introduction to the house’s history, and Revere’s ride. They will then bring you inside the house for your tour.

House Tour

Groups will be admitted into the house at ten minute intervals. If groups are split due to size, the second half is welcome to take pictures outside, eat a snack, etc. during the approximately ten minutes of down-time while the first half tours the downstairs. When the first half leaves the house, they will need to wait outside about ten minutes for the second half to finish inside.

For Groups Doing a School Program


Please arrive on time. Each day’s schedule is different and on some days, due to the number of groups, we have very little flexibility for adjustments. Your program lasts 90 minutes so if you are going to be late, please call 617-523-2338 as soon as possible so that the staff can try to accommodate your change in schedule.


We love having parents and other teachers involved in the students’ experience. To make the most of this learning opportunity, please encourage your chaperones to refrain from loud side conversations, and help the Revere House staff as needed, particularly if the program involves walking along city streets. Due to our interior space restrictions, we limit adults to 4 per class. Extra chaperones are welcome to explore the North End and rejoin the class at the conclusion of the program.