Events are funded in part through generous grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati, the Lowell Institute, and the Revere Hotel.


Colonial Dance Tunes And Love Songs

The Paul Revere House 19 N Square, Boston, MA

In the guise of itinerant musicians, Al Petty & Deirdre Sweeney perform popular 18th-century tunes such as “Mr. Isaac’s Maggot” and “Jack’s Health” on the penny whistle, flute, fife, & other instruments.

“Puritans” and Others in 17th-Century Boston

The Commons, Sargent Hall, Suffolk University 120 Tremont Street, Bsoton, MA, United States

Prof. David Hall, Bartlett Professor of New England Church History Emeritus, Harvard Divinity School. Professor Hall will show how the diaries of people such as Samuel Sewall and Cotton Mather along with the notebooks of John Hull, help us understand how early Boston functioned. These sources illuminate how puritans led their lives and how others […]

Captain Amasa Soper’s Company

The Paul Revere House 19 N Square, Boston, MA

Costumed members of this Revolutionary War reenactment group take on the roles of farmers, printers, and tailors who volunteered to defend Boston harbor after the siege of the city ended in 1776.

Meet Harriet, Daughter of Paul Revere

The Paul Revere House 19 N Square, Boston, MA

Diane Lent brings to life Harriet Revere, one of Paul Revere’s 16 children. Join her in reminiscing about her father’s dramatic life, the adventures of her many siblings, nieces, and nephews, and growing up in the historic North End.