Special Projects

If you prefer to fund a specific project, we have current major capital efforts and specific annual needs:

Ride Along As We Celebrate the 250th

Special Projects Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution

The Association has developed a comprehensive list of projects that will ensure that we are ready to participate in this important anniversary.  The project list includes programs, educational curriculum, and Revere House capital projects from lighting to windows and from a new roof to foundation repointing totaling $1,000.000.

Please review 250th list to find a project you would like to help support.

General Preservation
$15,000 to take care of annual preservation needs on three historic properties

Living History Programs
$10,000 for a season, $2,000 for a month, or $500 to fund a single program

$5,000 supports one year of professional care by Pumpkin Brook Organic Gardening which includes new plants and bulbs as needed, spring and fall maintenance, and soil augmentation.

Kids Program Fund
$2,000 to fund four free programs for low income youth or $500 for one program

To learn more about our targeted needs, contact Nina Zannieri, Executive Director, 617-523-2338