Special Projects

If you prefer to fund a specific project, we have current major capital efforts and specific annual needs:

Repair and Repoint All Chimneys
$80,000 to repair two chimneys on the Paul Revere House and three chimneys on the Hichborn House

New Lighting and Electrical Upgrade for Paul Revere House
$50,000 funds the replacement of fixtures with LED compatible fixtures, new wiring, and a new breaker panel

General Preservation
$15,000 to take care of annual preservation needs on three historic properties

Living History Programs
$10,000 for a season, $2,000 for a month, or $500 to fund a single program

$5,000 supports one year of professional care by Pumpkin Brook Organic Gardening which includes new plants and bulbs as needed, spring and fall maintenance, and soil augmentation.

Kids Program Fund
$2,000 to fund four free programs for low income youth or $500 for one program

To learn more about our targeted needs, contact Nina Zannieri, Executive Director, 617-523-2338