A portrait of a woman with a hat. She is white with short gray hair.

Pauline Revere Thayer, a great-granddaughter of Paul Revere, and cousin of John Phillips Reynolds, Jr., was a key figure in the early years of the Association and the restoration of the house. She lost her father, Paul Joseph Revere and her uncle Edward H.R. Revere in the Civil War. To learn more about the family’s Civil War connections, read this 1996 article from our Gazette.

For more about Thayer’s legacy, check out this Revere Express blog post from 2020 by our Executive Director, Nina Zannieri.

An illustration of two men wearing Civil War Union uniforms and standing in a grassy field. This illustration by artist Cortney Skinner shows the Revere brothers at a military camp in Maryland in 1861.

Two men wearing military uniforms, one seated and one standing next to him, in a black and white photograph. In this photograph, Paul Joseph stands next to his seated brother Edward, both in their military uniforms. The two were killed in the Civil War.